A continuous process of research and innovation is a key element of SIRD strategy. SIRD and ETCs develop expertise in identifying and developing pro-poor technologies to fill the gaps and disseminate them through appropriate channels.

Action research and applied research in areas of Natural Resource Management, Rural Drinking water and sanitation, Environment and Disaster Management, women empowerment and children development, Rural administration, land administration, and social empowerment and equity, etc.

The insights drawn from research activities shall be sourced into capacity building, consulting and educational services for greater impact, increased efficiency and greater relevance of these services.

Consultancy services

Drawing insights from research studies on the complete gamut of issues related to rural development, leveraging the in-depth understanding of rural problems and opportunities, and harnessing the extensive experience working with rural communities, SIRD provides high quality development consulting and project management services for rural development and Panchayat Raj projects.

With a consistent focus on community based and sustainable rural development, SIRD and ETCs is working in all regions of Andhra Pradesh reaching out to the poorest and strive hard to reach communities, managing projects in sectors that include community development, drinking water and sanitation, natural resource management, environment and disaster management, women empowerment and children development, land administration, and social empowerment and equity.

SIRD consultancy services are extended to clients which are bilateral and multi-lateral development agencies, including UNICEF, UNDP, various Governments organizations, Ministry of Rural Development, and others. SIRD shall support many organizations as think tanks, consulting them with strategic inputs in the above areas for development of the rural poor as and when required and demanded.

SIRD Consulting Services shall include areas like project management and financial analysis and technical specialists in areas including Agriculture and Rural Development, Community Development, Water & Sanitation, Health, land administration, environment and disaster management, Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening of government functionaries and public representatives.